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Wooden Panara monastery

Wooden Panara church is located in Dzūkija forest. The catholic monastery has Full House community, whose main purpose is addiction rehabilitation.

People of different types of addictions are welcome here (drug addiction, alcoholism, addiction to computer games). Here they are provided with shelter, clothing, food, and counselling services. Full house community practices work therapy – community grows organic oregano, Echinacea, thyme, marigold, and many other medicinal plants, herbal teas and spice blends. Often people who join the rehabilitation have no previous work experience. So here they gain their first working skills, which have not been formed in their previous environment. Rehabilitation program typically lasts for one year; people sometimes want to stay longer, or opposite, after a few months of the program feel recovered. However this fast improvement is usually related to physical recuperation; in order to achieve better results people are recommended to stay at least for a year. As it is known, addiction is never fully curable. During rehabilitation process, what the patient learns is to live along with his/her addiction.

Everyone can purchase some goods of the monastery in its tea and spice shop, located in the basement of the chapel. The Full House community’s herbal teas can be founds not only in the gift shop, but also in other ecological shops in capital Vilnius, or other Lithuanian cities.

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