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Health and spa centre – Druskininkai

Would you like to take a relaxing break and have some time for yourself? Visit Druskininkai, the town-resort, offering balneo-, mud, mineral water and climate therapies. The resort located in the south of Lithuania by the River Nemunas, surrounded by beautiful and clean Dzūkija pine forests, sand and lakes. It’s the first and the largest health resort in country.

Druskininkai as a therapeutic town has very old traditions. It is believed that its name derives from the word “salt” (in Lithuania “druska”). Back in the 18th century local salty spring water was used for medical purposes for the first time, and continues to be used today. Natural treatments (e.g. Balneotherapy) are based on this rich spring water (full of calcium, sodium chloride and magnesium).

Try out our therapeutic mud baths! The resort area is rich in curative peaty mud. Peaty mud treatment has thermal, mechanical and chemical effects. Not forgetting to mention the mild and warm climate, pure and ionized air, making the resort perfect for prophylaxis.

You can have the healthiest, most relaxing and refreshing tour in Lithuania! Enjoy anti-cellulite, aroma-therapeutic, slimming, classic, honey, aroma/oil and other massages; curative mud baths and showers (such as circular or ascending); bubble, miner, carbonic, milk, sea salt and other baths; kinesitherapy; cryotherapy (healing with extreme cold); light and colour therapy. Medical tests, diagnoses and consultations by qualified doctors are also available.

This wonderful health resort provides high quality services all year round. Treat yourself to the best!

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