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Rumšiškės Folk Museum

You are welcome to visit one of the biggest outdoor ethnographic museum in Europe! This folk household museum was established in 1966 and it is located close to Kaunas Reservoir.

The museum’s collection consists of more than 80 000 exhibits. The collection contains objects from the main Lithuanian ethnographic regions and different historical periods (e.g. furniture, tissues, dishes, working tools, iconographic material.). The Native land museum presents the modes of life, work and cultural traditions of townspeople and peasants of five main Lithuanian districts: Dzūkija, Aukštaitija, Suvalkija, Žemaitija and Lithuania Minor. There you can find lots of different fragments of the historical villages, authentic farms, century-old buildings with flower gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens with crosses and wooden roofed poles, as well as technical facilities – mills and forges around forests, meadows and hills. The territory is divided into separate complexes: farmhouses, small villages, and towns. The buildings of different epochs and social classes reflect characteristics of styles, designs, constructions, and decor. Fifty-one buildings are equipped with certain period-specific interior – furniture, textiles, kitchen utensils and working tools. In some buildings visitors are able to learn some old Lithuanian crafts: pottery, amber wood, metal processing or weaving. The separate area is dedicated to commemorate the exile and suffering of Lithuanian people – restored yurt, deportation wagon and other monuments.

Guided tours and special educational programs and games take place at the ethnographic Rumšiškės museum: traditional food and jewellery manufacturing, Lithuanian sauna tradition, candle making, traditional wedding, christenings, hen, and other parties; as well as folk music concerts and calendar feasts and events: Shrove Tuesday, Easter, Craft, Work and Entertainment Day, Bathhouse day, Mourning and Hope day, Commemoration of State Day, Ann’s Day, Rye Harvesting, The Assumption Day, International music festival, Biking and Running round Lithuania show.

In Rumšiškės you will learn much more about Lithuanian history, culture, lifestyle, and have a great time in the countryside!

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